Best Testosterone Boosters (Top 5) Get A 71% Boost From Our #1 Pick?

Below are the top 5 best testosterone boosters that actually work based on personal testing and user reviews.

Testogen WIth Booster Drops

#1 Testogen

Normal price: $59.99

Testogen is our #1 rated testosterone booster. Proven to increase testosterone by up to 71%!

#2 D-Bal

Normal price: $59.99

D-Bal is best for building muscle. It contains ‘Natures Anabolic Steroids’.

#3 Testofuel

Normal price: $65

Testofuel has tons of amazing reviews worth reading.

#4 Testomax

Normal price: $59.99

Testomax contains ZMA, proven to boost testosterone by 32%!

#5 Prime Male

Normal price: $69

Prime Male is a well-balanced test booster. Best for over 40’s who want more youth and energy!

For life-changing results we recommend combining Testogen with some healthy lifestyle changes that are proven to get your testosterone flowing again.

Read our latest guide on boosting testosterone naturally through the link below:

Double Your Testosterone - 9 Tips To Boost Testosterone Naturally

In today’s fast paced world and competitive world it’s important that we look and feel our best if we want to achieve our goals and get the most out of life.

That’s why testosterone boosters are growing in popularity as a way to become:

  • Stronger
  • More muscular
  • More attractive
  • Youthful
  • More confident
  • Focused 
  • And full of energy.


One study on London stock traders found that on the days where the traders had higher levels of testosterone they ended up closing the day with higher than average profits.

And did you know that by increasing your testosterone levels you can make rapid muscle gains?

That’s why most of the steroids that bodybuilders use are nothing more than injectible forms of testosterone.

But before I get into the list of the best testosterone boosters, who really needs one?


Who Needs A Testosterone Booster?

As you get older you testosterone levels naturally begin to decline.

For most men the downward trend begins at around 30 when your levels go down the drain at around 1% per year.

testosterone decline

Testosterone is the hormone that makes you a man. It gives you strength, confidence, and energy.

Many of the symptoms we put down to “getting old” are really down to lack of testosterone and if you can find a way to increase your testosterone levels you can reverse a lot of those symptoms.

If you were to go and see a doctor they find your testosterone levels are low they may want to put you on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy).

Before you even think about using TRT you might want to consider using a testosterone booster as well as some of the tips I’ll share with you below on how you can boost your testosterone naturally and get yourself back into peak physical condition.

Are Testosterone Boosters Just For Older Guys?

No, although testosterone decreases as we age it can happen to any man, at any age and for many different reasons.

Here’s some of symptoms of low testosterone to look out for:

If you’re worried about any of your symptoms then you should go and visit your doctor for a checkup, just to be safe.

What Can You Expect From Using A Testosterone Booster?

Testosterone boosters are natural supplements that contain ingredients proven to increase testosterone.

They’re definitely not as powerful as TRT or steroids and usually take 5-14 days before you begin to feel the full effects but when they do kick in the results can be life changing.


  • More energy to do more and get more enjoyment out of life.
  • Faster muscle gains and fat loss to build a more attractive physique.
  • Better focus.
  • More confidence and assertiveness.
  • Your sexdrive will increase.

When your mind and body are at their peak and working together there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Testosterone boosters are a great way to top up your testosterone levels but which ones actually work?

There’s thousands for sale online and if there’s one thing that I’ve discovered it’s that most of them absolutely suck!

There’s lots of fake reviews on Amazon about them and if you don’t want to waste your time and money then you need to buy one that really works.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered because below are the 5 best testosterone boosters money can buy.

How I Made This List

After I turned 30 I began feeling a lot of the effects of lower testosterone. 

I was tired all the time, gaining fat, could barely get out of bed or get an erection and generally felt weak and out of whack.

I had my testosterone levels checked and they were low, not dangerously low but low enough that I was feeling the effects.

That’s when I started trying out testosterone boosters and natural ways to increase testosterone.

Over the past couple of years I’ve tried 23 different testosterone boosters and 90% of them have been a waste of money.

The 5 below have been amazing and I now feel better at the age of 32 than I did 10 years ago.

So, after a couple years of testing, here’s what I think are the top 5 best testosterone boosters money can buy:

#1 Testogen – The Best All Rounder (71% Increase In Testosterone)

Testogen is the best testosterone booster money can buy and now comes with booster drops that go under your tongue for rapid delivery of the ingredients.

This testosterone booster helped one of our readers called Alex increase his testosterone by 71%! You can read his full Testogen review here.

Testogen comes with a 100% 60 day money back guarantee!

If I could only recommend 1 product on this list it would be Testogen. This is the testosterone booster that I could feel working the most and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to a friend.

The main ingredient in Testogen is called ZMA and was proven by a study at the Western Washington University on a group of football players to increase testosterone by 32.44% and increase strength by up to 49.76% more than a placebo.

You can read the results of the study here.

Alex Corner
Alex Corner
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I’ve been looking for a way to get my testosterone levels up without using TRT or steroids and feel like I’ve hit the jackpot with Testogen. In July my testosterone levels were 471 which is normal (if you’re a 75 year old man) after 3 months using Testogen I’m back up to 663 which is a 71% increase in testosterone and puts me back into the normal range! pic Testogen works and I feel better than ever. All this without having to resort to TRT or steroids.
Mike Westbrook
Mike Westbrook
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After I started usingTestogen I began waking up earlier, feeling more refreshed and found that I could focus on tasks for a lot longer without getting distracted. I’ve since gotten a promotion at work and lost almost 30lbs thanks to Testogen.

Testogen Booster Drops For An Instant Testo-Surge

Testogen now sell booster drops that go under your tongue for faster deliver of the ingredients.

The booster drops contain ‘Suma Root’ extract which is known as ‘Natures Anabolic Steroid‘ because of its ability to help you pack on muscle fast.

The best time to take the booster drops is before a workout because they’ll get you pumped up and energized for a more intense workout.

The second best time is just before a meeting or at a time when you need to be functioning at your peak because it makes you feel more in the moment and confident.

Learn more about the Booster Drops here.LINK


For maximum results we recommend combining Testogen with some healthy lifestyle changes proven to increase testosterone.

Read our latest guide on boosting testosterone naturally through the link below:

Double Your Testosterone - 9 Tips To Boost Testosterone Naturally

Testogen also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so if you don’t like it then send them an email and get your money back!

#2 D Bal – Best For Building Muscle (The One That Almost Got Me Kicked Out Of The Gym)

D-Bal is the best testosterone booster if your goal is to build muscle.

D-Bal contains Suma root which contains Ecdysterone, a powerful and natural anabolic agent.

Ecdysterone is known as the Russian Secret because Russian athletes used to use it to build muscle and get in shape fast to compete and win in tourmanents.

D-Bal is the best choice if your goal is to gain muscle and get jacked.

If you lift weights and your goal is to build muscle then D-Bal by Crazy Bulk may be the product for you.

Dbal Reviews
They have a 4.4/5 rating on based on 2,594 reviews.

D-Bal was designed to mimic the effects of the powerful anabolic steroid Dianabol but without any of the harsh side effects.

This one is best taken before your workout so that you can take advantage of the energy surge and incredible pumps you’ll get from it.

Just be careful where you take it. I was at the gym and one of the workers there thought I was taking Dianabol when they saw the label with “D Bal” on it. They said “Hey, you know you can’t do steroids in here right?” So I had to explain what it really was.

The main ingredient in D Bal is called ‘Suma Root’ and it’s known as the Russian Secret because it was used by a lot of Russian athletes to get bigger, faster and stronger before it was banned by the World Anti Doping Administration for use in competition.

Suma Root is also known as ‘Natures Anabolic Steroid’ because it contains Ecdysterone which some scientists believe is almost as effective at helping men build muscle as real anabolic steroids, only safer.

D-Bal also contains Ashwagandha which one study showed was able to help guys who lifted weights gain an extra 8.6cm around their biceps more than placebo users!

John C
John C
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Just complete my first cycle (30 days) of D-Bal. I feel so much more explosive in the gym and have tons of energy. Gained a bit of muscle too!

If your goal is to build muscle, feel more confident and become more attractive then D Bal is a great choice.

#3 Testofuel – Backed By Amazing User Reviews

Testofuel has lots of amazing reviews and is a great all purpose testosterone booster.

Testofuel comes with a 90 day money back guarantee!

Number 3 on our list of the best testosterone boosters we have Testofuel which is a great all round t-booster with some impressive reviews worth checking out here.

The main ingredient in Testofuel is D-Aspartic Acid which one study on 23 men found that after 12 days of supplementing with DAA their testosterone levels went up by an average of 42%.

Testofuel also contains 10 other ingredients as well as DAA to increase your testosterone and improve your health.

Testofuel has amazing reviews and is backed by a 90 day money back guarantee so check it out here.

#4 Testomax

Testomax is a powerful testosterone booster by the Crazy Bulk brand.

The main ingredient is ZMA which can boost testosterone by 32%!

Number 4 on this list of the best testosterone boosters is Testomax which is another product by Crazy Bulk, the company that has thousands of positive reviews on

Dbal Reviews
They have a 4.4/5 rating on based on 2,594 reviews.

Testomax has made it onto this list because it contains ZMA which can increase your testosterone levels by up to 32%.

The powerful combination of ingredients make it one of the best testosterone boosters for sale right now.

The only downside is that there’s no money back guarantee but there are 30 more Testomax customer reviews to read here before buying.

#5 Prime Male (The Return Of Your Prime)

Prime Male is a well balanced testosterone booster for older guys who want to feel energized, get in shape and regain a feeling of youthfulness.

Prime Male is definitely targeted towards older gentleman which makes sense because the dosing of the ingredients are well balanced without being overpowering.

The older you get the more your testosterone levels decline so a well balanced testosterone booster like Prime Male will help you to feel young and energized again.

The main ingredients in Prime Male are ZMA and D-Aspartic Acid which areboth clinically proven to increase testosterone levels fast.

DAA has also been shown to increase your sex drive and sperm count. One study showed that DAA increased sperm count from 8.2 million to 16.5 million per ml.

Prime Male comes with a 100% 90 day money back guarantee so if you’re not impressed then you can easily get your money back.

Which Is The Best Testosterone Booster For You?

Out of the 23 testosterone boosters I’ve tried over the past couple of years the 5 I talked about above are the only ones I would recommend to a friend.

Here’s a recap:

#1 Testogen

Testogen WIth Booster Drops

If I could only recommend one product it would be Testogen. This one has a real kick to it and you can really feel it working.

Whatever your goal is when it comes to increasing testosterone I think this is a good choice.

It’ll give you more energy, more focus and drive, pure muscle gains, increased confidence and even rev up your sex drive too.

Testogen really is the best testosterone booster for sale right now and you can learn more about it here.

If you wanna build some muscle and get a ripped physique, become anabolically supercharged and get more attention from women then D-Bal is a good choice.

D-Bal contains ‘Natures Anabolic Steroid’ to help you build muscle and get in shape fast.

It’ll also help you feel more focused, energized and confident. Get it here.

#3 Testofuel

Another great testosterone booster for you to consider is Testofuel. It contains DAA which has been proven to increase testosterone by 42%.

Testofuel will help you sleep better, wake up feeling refreshed, give you energy, help you get in shape, become more focused at work and help you reach your goals.

Testofuel is a great all rounder and has tons of amazing reviews worth reading here.

#4 Testomax

Testomax is another great all round testosterone booster by the Crazy Bulk brand who have thousands of positive ratings on

Just like Testofuel, the main ingredient is DAA for a 42% boost in testosterone.

Whether your goal is to get in shape, get more energy or just turn the clock back a few years and feel a bit younger, Testomax is a good choice.

#5 Prime Male

Prime Male is one of the best testosterone boosters for guys over 35 who want to relive their prime with more energy, focus, confidence and vitality.

The dosing of the ingredients are well balanced and it comes with a full 90 day money back guarantee.

So that’s it for this list of the 5 best testosterone boosters. Let us know what you think and tell us about your results in the comments section below.

Double Your Testosterone - 9 Tips To Boost Testosterone Naturally


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